• School Safety and Security

    March 29, 2018
  • By: Adam Steury, CTS, Business Development Executive

    With the latest school catastrophe in Florida, for a person in charge of school safety, one would assume that their mind would be spinning trying to ensure future safety. Whether it be coming up with a new plan or making changes to an existing strategy, ensuring that a school district is secure in the event of a tragedy is not a simple task.

    Here are a few ways that may assist you with taking the proper security measures for your students and facility:

    1. Coordinate Quarterly Safety Meetings with Local law Enforcement
      A great way start figuring out what will suit your school corporation’s needs is to coordinate quarterly safety meetings with local law enforcement. Scheduling meetings regularly allows all parties to “get on the same page” if an unexpected event were to occur. This will also allow you the opportunity to ask safety and security professionals their opinions to ensure your students are protected.
    2. Hire a full-time School Resource Officer
      Another great way to protect your school is by hiring a full-time School Resource Officer (SRO). As we have seen in the recent Maryland school shooting, their onsite, trained SRO was able to mitigate further injury by stopping the shooter in a quick and timely manner. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families that have suffered great loss in the recent school shootings.
    3. Secure School Safety Grant Programs
      Check with your state to see if they offer Secure School Safety grant programs. Most states have a program set in place to match a percent of total school security project budgets. A program like this may assist you in getting a plan in place in a timelier manner.

    How ESCO Communications can help:

    At ESCO, we are pleased to provide you with product demos if you would like to try-out any of our product offerings. This would allow you to see how the technology works with your school and give you a better idea to see if it will fit your school’s needs. Contact Us today!

    In summary, here are the examples that may assist you with choosing the correct Security Technology to fit your District’s needs:

    • Coordinate Quarterly Safety Meetings with Law Enforcement
    • Research staffing a full-time School Resource Officer (SRO)
    • State Secured School Safety Programs
    • Setup product Demo’s with Integrators

    ESCO Communications can evaluate your school’s safety needs and get a game plan together with you. Contact us today, we are here to help!

    Adam Steury, CTS, serves as the Business Development Executive, covering the northern Indiana Commercial Construction Market. Adam has 5+ years’ experience in the industry and holds his CTS certification through Avixa (new name for InfoComm International).