• Protect Your Investment With a Yearly Maintenance Agreement

    March 8, 2018
  • By: Jay Thomas, Service Sales Representative

    At ESCO Communications, one of the many things we take pride in is taking care of our customers. We know that our reputation depends on getting the job done right. As we celebrate 55 years in business, our goal continues to be going above and beyond for our customers.

    We work together to stay up to date with advancing technologies and focus on providing customized solutions. Over the past few years, we’ve realized that in many cases, we can also support our customers in a much more efficient and less costly manner by setting up a yearly Maintenance Agreement.

    The purpose of a yearly Maintenance Agreement, generally speaking, is to protect the investment our customers have made. We install high-quality technology at different facilities every day, and often times the investment is many thousands of dollars, or more. Rather than letting the typical one-year warranty after installation is complete expire and calling the Service Department (often times in a panic and/or dire need) ESCO has come up with a variety of solutions that can be built at our customers’ discretion and budget. Catching, diagnosing, and fixing small issues before they grow into glaring, last-minute crisis is critical in not only prolonging the lifespan of our customers’ investment, but also their peace of mind when an event or deadline is rapidly approaching.

    When we have these discussions with our customers, we always strongly recommend at least one Inspect, Test & Maintain (ITM) per year, at the time of their choice. The ITM is a simple procedure during which 1-2 of our highly-trained technicians go to the customer’s facility and visually inspect the entire system(s), clean out/blow out all hardware, check each device to make sure the entire system is operating properly, and compile a list of discrepancies with recommendations on what to do in order to keep our customers’ investment operating at its highest possible level. The ITM can be performed as frequently as quarterly or even monthly, but not less than once per year.

    Outside of the ITM, there are several other options available to our customers that further protect the investment they have made. Hardware coverage/replacement, full or partial, is an option on all new systems that we install. There are also many cases where duplicate vital parts of systems are kept on premise in order to assure that if there is an issue with one of those vital parts, there will be virtually no downtime of the customer’s investment. We have even set up periodic on-site training led by ESCO technicians to ensure that employees that employ the use of that particular system are using it correctly and efficiently.

    A well-thought-out and carefully considered Maintenance Agreement has been a huge difference-maker for many of our customers. They have seen the value in protecting their investment, which has saved them time, money, and sanity by simply taking a couple of additional steps on the front-end to avoid potential disaster on the back-end. The flexibility and ability to customize the details of any Maintenance Agreement, along with those points mentioned above, have made sense to many of the fantastic companies we partner with every day.